About Us

Northeast Neighbors Neighborhood Association formed in September of 2011 and was officially adopted by City Council Resolution on October 24, 2011. We are one of 23 neighborhood associations in the city.
Our city-approved charter gives us many roles:
1. Advising the city about development and land-use and traffic and public safety and the need for public services here.
2. Informing and educating our neighbors about city and state policies, planned development, or any other events that might affect them.
3. Actively working to enhance the livability of the neighborhood and the welfare of people who live and work here.
The NeN Board pursues those city-approved purposes and tries to build involvement throughout the neighborhood. There are nine positions on the Board, and it often creates committees drawing more neighbors into our efforts.
We hold 3+ General Meetings a year, open to everyone. The fall meeting is our Annual Meeting, at which elections are held to fill open Board positions.
The best way to keep up on NeN activities is to sign up for our eNews. It will keep you informed about meetings, events, and other news affecting our area.
Send your name and email address to: newsletter@neneugene.org

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