Wildfire Information Sources

Official information sources for  wildfires

Sign up for AlertSense, Lane County’s emergency alert system. It allows fire, police, and other emergency response agencies to issue alerts to residents in the event of severe weather, fire, flooding, hazardous materials, need for immediate evacuation, civil danger, local area emergencies, and missing persons. 

For information

on protecting your home, go to

The National Fire Prevention Association,


Egan Warming Center Needs Volunteers

Egan Warming Centers need volunteers

The Egan Warming Center operates during cold weather months, November 15 to March 31 to ensure that people who have lost their housing have emergency shelter access during extreme cold weather. The Egan Warming Center is a coalition of community members representing service providers, nonprofits, faith and social activists communities and local government.

Anyone interested is encouraged to join us in one of our upcoming Zoom or in-person orientations.

You’ll hear about the program, how it works, what volunteers do, what our COVID safety protocols are, and what it’s like helping in an emergency winter shelter. There are no obligations or long term commitments. Come see what Egan is all about!

Egan Warming Center Orientations Please email us at to RSVP and get a link to a training.


Become a Blood Donor

Ways you can help


Bloodworks NW provides 100% of the blood to Lane County.  Due to COVID-19, we have had to suspend all of our mobile drives (which means of 60% of our blood collections).

While we have established Pop-Up Donor Centers, we are not seeing the recovery of the 60% loss in blood collection. Additionally, hospital usage has increased by 20%!!

Click here to find a pop-up donor site:


Food Drive Success

NeN’s Food Drive Saturday, Feb. 13, noon-4pm


Northeast Neighbors held a food drive on Saturday, February 13, at Harvest Community Church. Nine of our neighbors staffed the site and received the donations from 140 of our neighbors. We easily filled the four barrels we were allotted by Food for Lane County and filled the hallways of the church’s school with the donations.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, millions of Americans worry about nearly empty refrigerators and barren cupboards for their children and themselves. In Lane County, the need for food security has greatly increased and those people without jobs and folks affected by the Holiday Farm Fire depend more on food pantries. Our drive was part of a larger effort with neighborhoods all across the city gathering canned food for Food For Lane County.

If you would like to make a credit card donation, click here:

Neighborhood volunteers ran the event. We are very grateful to Jackie Booth, Steve Robinson, Nancy Johnson, Rick Alderson, Mary Hogan, Nancy Scott, NeN Board members Kirstin London and Anne Millhollen, Board Chairman Kevin Reed, and Julie Ulm at the Harvest Community Church for making the day possible. And

Thank you to all our neighbors who donated!