Community Safety Comment Opportunities

Act Now to Influence the Community Safety Initiative

Eugene City Council wants to hear from you about community safety needs. They need to finalize funding priorities for the Community Safety Payroll Tax, which became effective January 1, 2021. Here’s how to comment on the Community Safety Initiative:

  • Two virtual public listening sessions are scheduled for 12:00-2:00 pm, Wednesday, March 24th and 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Tuesday, March 30th.  Both meetings can be accessed at this link, and require the passcode CSI-2021. Both will be recorded and available for future viewing.
  • Online English language survey (open through March 31)
  • Online Spanish language survey (open through April 5)

A report will go to City Council in May on all the input received.  

Don’t miss this chance to influence the initiative!


Public Hearing: Delta Ridge New Development

Evergreen Housing is seeking approval to add up to 626 additional units at Delta Ridge, located west of N Delta Hwy and north of Ayres Rd. The public hearing combines three applications: Tentative Planned Unit Development, Adjustment Review, and Willamette Greenway Permit. The hearing is conducted by a Hearings Official, a land-use attorney from outside the Eugene area, who will make the decision about whether to approve the application. Anyone interested can submit written comments in advance and/or testify at the virtual hearing.

  • To join the zoom meeting:
  • Or call: 833 548 0276, 833 548 0282, or 877 853 5257 and use Meeting ID 952 3534 7161
  • To submit a written statement to the Hearings Official: email it to Rodney Bohner, Associate Planner,
  • To see all the documents and site plans: full application

Some specifics of the application:

  • The application is filed as “needed housing,” which streamlines the process. Accordingly, Evergreen will not be required to submit a Traffic Impact Analysis.
  • The total site is 69 acres. 56 acres will be developed, leaving a 13 acre strip along the Willamette that’s in the Floodway Boundary and outside of the City’s Urban Growth Boundary. 
  • It will be a two-phased, multi-year project.
  • It will eventually include a mix of building types: apartment flats, single story cottages, and two-story duplex townhomes.
  • The only trees that will be preserved are those within the Floodway Boundary.
  • They are requesting a number of adjustments, meaning minor relaxations of City code. They include adjustments to: street frontage, building orientation, maximum building dimensions, window percentage, block structure, maximum size of parking courts, bicycle parking, and pedestrian circulation.

Questions? Email them to Rodney Bohner, Associate Planner,